Kerry McCloud describes her experience at Bucks Therapy

I decided to give up smoking earlier this year, but my attempt using nicotine patches failed. A colleague suggested hypnotherapy.

After an initial one-hour assessment session, during which my therapist gathered all the information she needed about my lifestyle, smoking triggers, habits and reasons for giving up, she gave me some tips for cutting down before my next, longer, session which would result in me quitting my 20-a-day habit.

I was a bit nervous, but my therapist was very friendly and easy to chat to, describing the process of hypnosis and explaining about different people being susceptible at different levels and how being in a “trance” was just a deep form of relaxation. And she explained how she was going to instill some positive images and suggestions in my mind, giving me the confidence to believe I could quit.

She made me understand that I smoked from a psychological need and that I really had no reason to. She also emphasised how “proud” I would be of myself once I was a non-smoker and how proud my friends and family would be.

By the time it came to the actual hypnosis most of the ground work was done. I was already totally relaxed and sure I wanted to be a non-smoker. I now couldn’t actually come up with one positive reason for continuing smoking.

During the hypnosis I relaxed so completely and my mind just wandered where it was led. I couldn’t tell how long the session lasted, but I was aware of the message that I would wake as a non-smoker, free from cigarettes forever.

This all happened a month ago and I have not touched a cigarette since, although a follow-up session is available should any reinforcement ever be necessary.