Don’t stress

Some stress can enhance our performance, but too much leads to all sorts of health problems, writes Debra Aspinall The number one cause of illness in the UK is stress, with four out of 10 of us seeing the doctor because of it. According to a recent poll by Atomik Research, 59% of us are [...]

Hypnotherapy in action

Kerry McCloud describes her experience at Bucks Therapy I decided to give up smoking earlier this year, but my attempt using nicotine patches failed. A colleague suggested hypnotherapy. After an initial one-hour assessment session, during which my therapist gathered all the information she needed about my lifestyle, smoking triggers, habits and reasons for giving up, [...]

Break the habit

October is also Stoptober month when smokers are challenged to kick the habit. Hypnotherapist Debra Aspinall has some words of encouragement Stoptober was created by Public Health England as a 28-day challenge to stop smoking for most of the month of October. It's based on the belief that after 28 days without a cigarette, smokers [...]

Don’t be scared

Many of us enjoyed a good fright at Halloween. But if you are scared of something all year round, then it’s time to do something about it writes hypnotherapist Debra Aspinall It’s no coincidence that this article on fears and phobias is appearing at this time of year. But for every reader who enjoyed a [...]

Diets don’t work

Why losing weight is all in the mind… It’s estimated that one out of three women and one out of four men in the UK are on a slimming diet at any given time. Most will have tried numerous diets before, spending many hundreds of pounds on low calorie meals, joining slimming clubs, gyms or [...]

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