Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to strengthen and accelerate processes in the subconscious mind, allowing the person to make new, healthy, positive decisions and achieve desired changes in their life.

It can be used to break bad habits, over-ride negative thoughts and repetitive behaviour.
The client is fully aware of what is happening and can practise the techniques at home to build on positive steps made during sessions.

Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation (a naturally occurring condition) in which the subconscious mind is made more accessible. Forget about stage hypnotists you may have seen…hypnotherapy is a treatment not a source of entertainment.

Clients are not asleep during the session and are fully aware of what is happening and being said, but their body and mind are drawn to a deep state of relaxation – a little like the state we are in between sleeping and waking.

Weight loss

It can be a powerful tool for change and is used in circumstances as diverse as sports performance to childbirth.

It is totally natural and safe with most therapeutic work carried out in a light stage of trance.
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