Giving pregnant women the confidence and techniques for a controlled, easier labour and childbirth

I offer courses in hypnobirthing using the easibirthing® method. Each course comprises five sessions of an hour and a half which are tailored for pregnant women and their birthing partner, whether that’s a husband, wife, relative or friend.

Giving birth should be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. Childbirth is a natural physiological process that a woman’s body is fully equipped for. Each birth is unique, and easibirthing® is about empowering you to manage your individual experience, not fear it.

I can teach you to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare your mind and body for a natural birth. Learning hypnosis techniques for pain management skills will help you build your trust in your body so you enter labour feeling calm, confident and in control.patek philippe fakes watch

The course will help you maintain a state of deep relaxation, a feeling of control over the process and help you develop a positive attitude.

The easibirthing® method seeks to enable you to have the active birth you want. So, whether you are planning a home birth or birthing in hospital, this training is designed to suit you.

Parents who feel empowered by using these techniques have reported a more positive birthing experience which has enabled a stronger bond between mother, partner and baby.

easibirthing® is completely safe and will have optimal benefits from 20 weeks gestation.



  • Hypnobirth mums often experience shorter labours and will either experience no pain or reduced pain throughout labour.
  • Reduce or eliminate fear
  • Significantly diminish or eliminate the need for medication; thereby eliminating its risks and post-delivery effects for both mother and child
  • Increase the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth, reducing the need for intervention
  • Shorten the period of labour by reducing anxiety during each stage
  • Make it possible the management and control of sensations of discomfort
  • Promote a steady recovery
  • Foster and increase positive emotions during the entire birth process
  • Help you create an experience which has positive memories attached
  • Stimulate and maintain a strong energy level into the post-delivery phase
  • Promote lactation for breast-feeding
  • Result in a calmer baby


I am a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and a certified easibirthing® practitioner.

easibirthing® also known as hypnosis for childbirth or hypnobirthing has been developed alongside UK midwives and is supported by clinical evidence. It is the only independent accredited hypnotherapy course in the country.salts happy end blue vape juice 30ml

Sessions are held in the comfort of my home-based practice. I run private sessions and group sessions (see below).

Please note that my role in these classes is purely as a hypnobirthing practitioner. If you have any specific questions about your pregnancy please speak to your midwife.


This course is approximately 7.5 hours, delivered in 5 sessions lasting approximately 1.5 hours each.  The course will be personalised to meet your needs and requirements.

You will receive hypnobirthing MP3s, course material, and a follow-up 20 minute telephone chat closer to the birth if required.

The full course cost is £375 (pregnant woman plus one). Payment must be made in full before the course.


This course is approximately 7.5 hours, delivered in 5 sessions lasting approximately 1.5 hours each. The course is the same as the private one, but will be with other couples (currently limited to three couples per course).

Currently running on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm and Sunday mornings 10.30am to 12 midday but alternative times can be offered for two or more couples who want to come together.

Total course cost £250 (pregnant woman plus one). Payment must be made in full upon booking.


How to relax and the importance of being calm and relaxed during the later half of pregnancy and during labour.

How fear and tension creates pain during labour.

Relaxation, self-hypnosis and visualisation techniques to use during labour

Breathing exercises to use, to breathe through contractions

How to trigger calm states during labour

The role of the birthing partner and how they can support and assist on the day of the birth

Pain management techniques for stage 1 & 2 of labour

How to release fears associated around labour and birthing.

Information regarding positions for labour and birth

Visualisation for successful breast feeding

The relaxation techniques taught on this natural birth programme will benefit you during pregnancy, labour and postnatally.


Attendance and participation of a birthing partner is included in the cost of the course. This can be anyone who you plan to have with you at the birth. The easibirthing®  course encourages the birthing partner to have an active role to support and assist you with the techniques taught.

Please call Debra at Bucks Therapy on 07518 018363 or email info@buckstherapy.com for more information or to book.