Founded in 2015, Bucks Therapy has helped clients overcome addictions, fears, grief and more through one, or a combination of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy techniques.

Debra Aspinall has a diploma in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and has undergone training in neuro linguistic programming (NLP). She also has a diploma in paediatric hypnotherapy and further certificates in stress management and virtual gastric banding.

She trained at the highly-accredited Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis and The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Debra is also a writer and has been published in a number of regional newspapers and magazines including Limited Edition, Exclusive Magazines, Henley Life, Life Etc Magazine (Maidenhead Advertiser) and Elite magazine(BFP).

What our clients say:

SJ: “I was having panic attacks three or four times a week. After just a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy with Debra they stopped almost completely.”

JT: “I suffered from terrible IBS symptoms with a seriously bloated tummy. It was strange, my tummy turned somersaults. During my first session there was an almost immediate improvement

CR: “I was sceptical, but can honestly say hypnotherapy worked for me

DB: “I was terrified of spiders but after seeing Debra was able to help a friend clear out her spider-infested garage

HS: “I took a new job which involved travelling to the States every couple of months and I was scared of flying. Hypnotherapy helped me conquer my fear completely

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